Kamekio Lewis

The Author

Kamekio has Unleashed her story and now shares
her message through her books, workbooks, and training material. 

Kamekio is a wife, mother, and Success Strategist who has consistently beaten the odds, survived a brain tumor, and achieved phenomenal success in her life and business. She is a survivor of Domestic Violence & U.S. Army Veteran and she is on a mission to help others overcome obstacles, fiercely pursue their goals, and create their own success story!

Through her #Herlifematters Empowerment & Awareness movement, she shares her distractions, disappointments, and devastating experiences to encourage others to believe more, expect more, and create more!  

The Coach

Kamekio has discovered how to Unlock possibilities and build a bridge to the other side of the money!

Kamekio has been serving her community for over 15 years promoting empowerment through employment and entrepreneurship trainings.

As a Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, she provides coaching, counseling, and career planning to help motivated job seekers upgrade their resume, find a job.




The Consultant

Job Coaching & Career Advancement

Kamekio has helped community agencies Uncover!

Employment is the new Empowerment, as we strive to help families lead active, meaningful, and independent lives. Kamekio has worked with community agencies to implement employment programs and provide job readiness trainings and job placement assistance to help job seekers upgrade their resume, find a good paying job, and enjoy life beyond a minimum wage paycheck!

It is time for you to ensure that your agency has a career focused initiative!

Let’s work together to eliminate barriers to employment and create a pipeline of skilled, trained, and engaged workforce.

Award Winning Community Advocate

Community partnerships are the heartbeat to making real change!

Kamekio has worked with several community organizations to empower, equip, and help find employment for.

It is time that we address barriers to employment and equipping unemployed and underserved populations with tips, tools, and training to help them become college, career, and community ready!

         (PreEmployment Transition Services)