Kamekio Lewis

believe MORE

expect MORE

create MORE

Life is hard, Be Great Anyway! This is what I say to myself, to my friends, and now I share this with you. I could not and would not allow a diagnosis, debt, or domestic violence stop me from jumpstarting my goals, growing into my greatness, and creating my own success story! 

I do this because I know what it is like to be stuck, out of luck and feel like you have no options, always in survival mode, trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents. I always had a different kind of grind; I remember at the age of 9, I was just determined to rise above the poverty line. I always knew that there was more…

More than the boys on the block, working around the clock

More than momma trying to figure out if she was going to pay the light bill, rent, or car note, working two jobs, was tough and she still had to pinch off her bill money just to make sure we had enough.

More than the nail shop, beauty shop, new outfits, black eyes, and silent cries. I was kidnapped, beaten, and abused but I stayed because he paid… the light bill, rent, and the car note!

See, it is my painful past that has pushed me into my purpose, and I could not and would not allow poverty to suffocate my prosperity!


Are you ready to UNLOCK your prosperity & Create your own success story?

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